A1015 p-n-p transistor

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Features and Technical Specifications

  • Type: p-n-p
  • Power Dissipation: 0.4watts
  • High voltage and High current: Vceo = 50v and Ic = 150mA
  • Low Noise: 1dB
  • Case Material: molded plastic
  • Collector power dissipation: 400mW
  • DC current gain: 400
  • Collector Emitter and Collector Base breakdown voltage: 50Vdc
  • Base Emitter Saturation Voltage: 1.1Vdc
  • Collector Emitter Saturation Voltage: 0.3Vdc
  • Base Emitter voltage: 1.45Vdc
  • Complementary to 2SC1815
  • Operating Temperature and Storage Temperature: -55℃ to +150℃

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