TA12-100 AC current transformer current sensor module 0-5A

TA12-100 AC current transformer current sensor module 0-5A

Fr6,000 Fr4,500

Interface: 3PIN
Power Supply: 5V
Size: 30x 24x 1.6mm
Weight: 25g

Electrical characteristics:
Transformation coefficient: 1000:1
Input current: 0–5A
Output current: 0–5mA
Sampling resistor: 200Ω
Sampling voltage: 0–1V
Working frequency: 20-20000Hz
Working temperature: -55–85℃
Dielectric strength: 6KAC/1min

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  • Analog Current Meter Module. Transformer can only sense AC
  • This electricity sensor is based on TA12-100 current transformer, which can transform AC signals of large current into small amplitude signals.
  • 3-wire electronic block interface, input 5V – GND. S pin is the output analog voltage value.
  • You can use jumpers to select the parallel output of the output to adjust the range of analog values that are output.
  • On-board 3P and 4P connecting interface for current signal output can be easily connected with your MCU development board