ESC Brushless Motor Speed Controller RC BEC ESC T-rex 450 V2 Helicopter Boat for FPV F450 Mini Quadcopter Drone Without plug

ESC Brushless Motor Speed Controller RC BEC ESC T-rex 450 V2 Helicopter Boat for FPV F450 Mini Quadcopter Drone Without plug



Product Category:XXD 30A ESC

Battery type: Li-xx (lithium battery) / Ni-xx (nickel cadmium or nickel metal hydride), the default value is Li-xx (lithium battery). Low Voltage Protection Mode: Reduce power/turn off the output, the default is to reduce power. Low Voltage Protection Threshold: Low/medium/high, the default is Cut-off discharge voltage. When the Li-xx battery is set, the number of lithium batteries will be automatically determined. Under low/medium/high conditions, the cut-off voltage of each battery is respectively 2.6V, 2.85V and 3.1V. When the Ni-xx battery is set, the voltage of the battery pack will be automatically detected when the power is turned on. In low/medium/high cases, the cut-off voltage is 0%, 45% and 60% of the input voltage at startup (0% means no low-voltage protection). Startup mode: normal/soft/super soft startup, default is normal startup. Normal start is suitable for fixed wing, can start the motor quickly in 0.2 seconds Soft start/super soft start for helicopter; The initial rotation speed of soft start and super soft start is relatively low, it takes 1 second and 2 seconds from start to full speed respectively, but if the throttle is turned off after start and the starting again within 3 seconds, the starting will be in normal mode, so as to avoid falling down due to slow reaction during some stunt actions. Timing: Low/medium/high, the default is the middle value. In general, the low Timing can accommodate more motors, but to improve efficiency, it is recommended to use a low-Timing for a 2-pole motor and a medium-Timing for a motor with more than 6 poles. To increase the speed, the Timing can be set to a high value. After improving the Timing setting, you should test it on the ground before flying.

Extreme Use: Continuous current 30A, instant 35A, 40A for 10 seconds. Type: (1)Without Plug (2)Welded T plug (3)Gold Plug Size/Weight: 45 X 24 X 11mm/1.77 X 0.94 X 0.43inches, 25g (Including Cable) Voltage Range: 4V-16V Batteries Quantity: 2-4LIPO (4LIPO does not allow BEC output) BEC output: 2A continuous, (nstant 3A) 2LIPO: 4-5 Miniature steering engine 3LIPO: 3-4 Miniature steering engine Protective function: Automatically select 2-3LIPO, the protection voltage is 6V/9V respectively; Automatically select NIMH, the protection voltage of each section is 0.8V; Safe for start up, Wrong throttle position, forbidden to start. Temperature protection, 110 degrees surface temperature, stop. Out of control protection, no signal after 1 second, stop. Performance Description: The upper limit of the speed is 210,000 rpm in 2 poles, 35,000 rpm in 12 poles, and 42,000 rpm in 14 poles. 8KHz PWM control with speed control curve. Automatic throttle adaptation for more remote control devices. With BEC, MCU separates power supply and works more stably.

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