Mini USB Host Shield 2.0 ADK

Mini USB Host Shield 2.0 ADK

USB Hosemini board makes very easy to communicate with a USB slave device, such as USB keyboard, mouse, U disk, camera, Android phone and so on. Using USB Hose Shield with also allows you to implement Google ADK.
Only supports 3.3V / 8M / 328 Promini and 3.3V FTDI.
Mini USB host allows (Pro mini version only) to achieve USB HOST function, can communicate with other USB devices, and support USB HUB function. Provide compiled APK installation package and ADK source files
compatible with hardware Mega 1280.
Support For Google Android ADK function
Support For Android phone type:
G1, Nexus One, Nexus S, Motorola Droid X (mobile phone system needs to upgrade to Android 2.3.4, Tablet PC need to upgrade to Android 3.1


Product Size: 38mm * 18mm
Net weight: 4.5g
Voltage: DC3.3V power supply

Communication Interface: SPI

Official website:
Library file:

How to build an ADK hardware platform:

Package included:

1 x Mini USB Host Shield 2.0 For ADK SLR Development Tool