Multifunctional Bluetooth Controlled Smart Robot Car Kit

Multifunctional Bluetooth Controlled Smart Robot Car Kit

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Multifunctional Bluetooth Controlled Smart Robot Car Kit

The Multifunctional Robot Car controlled by Bluetooth is an updated version of the Automatic Operating Car, adding Bluetooth control. The Robot Car controlled by Bluetooth is based on the Arduino AtMega328p. It has hunting, obstacle avoidance and remote control functions. And you can also expand the external modules to increase the car’s functions.


• Working Voltage: 7-12V;
• Deceleration Motors Ratio 1:48, Drive Voltage 6V;
• Uses L298N Driver Module, Real Isolation for MCU;
• Three Search Module Groups (Detects Black and White Lines), Higher Accuracy;
• Infrared Remote Communication Module;
• Bluetooth Wireless Communication Module (Short Range Wireless Remote Control );
• With Economical and Eco-friendly Rechargeable Battery and a Charger;
• Can be Equipped with a Variety of Modules and Sensors, Depending on Your Imagination to Achieve a Variety of Functions.

Kit Material List:

• 4x Gear Motor;
• 4x Tires;
• 4x Engine Mounting;
• 2x Acrylic (100x213x5mm);
• 1x L298N Motor Driver;
• 1x UNO328 Controller Board;
• 1x V5 Sensor;
• 1x Support Kit;
• 1x Steering Gear;
• 1x Ultrasonic Module;
• 3x Inductive Line Module;
• 1x Infrared Receiver Module;
• 1x MCU Remote Control;
• 1x Support for 2x 18650 Batteries; (Get the Stacks!)
• 1x Bluetooth adapter;
• 1x USB cable (0.5m);
• 30x Dupont line;
• 15x Pillars.


• 1x Multifunctional Bluetooth Controlled Smart Robot Car Kit.