Robotlinkng Uno R3 Starter Kit Upgrade Version

Robotlinkng Uno R3 Starter Kit Upgrade Version



Robotlinkng Starter KIT Upgrade Version (EU Plug)

UNO is the greatest tool for turning ideas into motion. Plug it into your computer with a USB cable and within minutes you, too, can be moving servos and motors, reading sensors, and building fancy robots. You can even program your Ardu to talk to your PC for added power, or between several Ardu at the same time to create your personal army of machines.

Parts list
Robotlinkng Starter KIT Upgrade Version (EU Plug):
1pcs Tutorial CD
1pcs UNO R3
1pcs High Quality Retail Box
1pcs USB Cable
1pcs 65 Jumper Wires
1pcs 6 Pin Dupont Line(Male to Female)
1pcs 400 Point BREADBOARD
1pcs Extension Plate Containing Breadboard Plate
1pcs 9V 1A Adapter
1pcs MPU 6050 Gyroscope Module
1pcs Hc-sr04 Ultrasonic Sensor Module
1pcs UNL2003 Driver Board
1pcs DC Motor
1pcs 5V Stepper Motor
1pcs SG90
1pcs LCD1602 Without Back Light

1pcs One Road Relay Module
1pcs 9V Battery Connector
1pcs RGB led CC
25pcs LED (White,Red, Green, Yellow,Blue)
100pcs Resistance(10R,100R,220R,330R,1K,2K,5.1K, 10K, 100K,1M)
5pcs PN2222 , BC547 and BC557
5pcs 1n4001 Diodes
1pcs Thermister
5pcs 22pf and 1uf Capacitor
2pcs 50V 10uf Capacitor and 50V 100UF Capacitor
2pcs 50K Potentiometer
1pcs Passive Buzzer
1pcs 74HC595N
1pcs MAX7219
1pcs L293D
1pcs Infrared receiving head
2pcs 5mm LDR
5pcs Button Switch
1pcs IR remote control
1pcs one digital tube
1pcs four digital tube
1pcs 8*8 dot matrix tube
1pcs US1881 TO-92