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XBee 900HP 900Mhz wireless data transmission module
International code: XBP9B-DPST-001 point-to-multipoint network
Antenna interface form: RPSMA interface (optional UFL interface model is optional)
Transmitting power: 250mW (+24dBm) Outdoor transmission distance: 14kM Wireless rate: 200kbps
This module is common to the DigiMesh 900HP module platform and can be rewritten with firmware.

Product introduction

The XBee-PRO 900HP series of embedded modules enable the widest range of wireless connectivity for a wide range of devices. It leverages the DigiMesh® network protocol, which features support for dense network operations and dormant routers.
In addition, it can be used for proprietary point-to-multipoint network layouts. Supporting up to 28 miles of RF line-of-sight distance (using high-gain antennas) and data rates of up to 200 Kbps, this family of modules is ideal for long-haul applications requiring high data throughput.
The XBee-PRO 900HP module requires no programming and can be easily configured using Dijin’s free X-CTU software or a simplified AT command set.
The XBee module is pre-certified for use in multiple countries, further reducing development costs and time to market.
The programmable version of the XBee-PRO 900HP module makes it easy to customize remote wireless applications. It can be programmed directly on the module without the need for a separate host processor. Because wireless software is self-contained, developing applications does not introduce RF performance, security, and authentication issues.


Excellent outdoor line of sight, up to 28 miles
Wireless firmware upgrade via other XBee-PRO 900HP modules or EtheriosTM device cloud
Support software optional channel shielding to improve anti-interference ability
Programmable XBee-PRO 900HP module for custom application development
– 8-bit FreescaleTM S08 microprocessor for custom smart modules
– XBee-specific CodeWarrior® development tools for easy programming
RF data rates up to 200 Kbps
Support for more dense networks with patent-pending channel selection algorithms