about us

NARADA LTD commonly known as NARADA Electronics was established based on Law no. 07/2009 of 27/04/2009 relating to companies, and Law no.14/2010 of 07/05/2010 modifying and complementing law no. 07/2009 of 27/04.2009.

The organisation is dedicated to embedded systems development, training, and consultancy. With a passion for embedded system design, NARADA LTD was established in November 2010 by competitive professionals with tremendous industry and teaching experience. Narada Electronics works with a vision to be a constant facilitator in students’ scientific and technical education by providing them with requisite resources through a wide variety of kits, development boards and accessories, basic and advanced level training classes, and workshops in both indoor and outdoor locations with high-quality practical skills. NARADA LTD focuses primarily on the education domain to bridge the gap between industry demands and current academic provisions in institutes.

With its R&D, NARADA has successfully launched a Home Security System(HSS) since 2016 for securing different areas such as Homes, Banks, supermarkets, computer labs, and warehouses.

Our Services 

With the help of our skills, we are able to :

  • Converting any idea into a working electronic product
  • Providing training in IoT, Embedded Systems and closely related fields
  • Supplying material related to electrical, electronics and ICT
  • Research, development and consultancy work
Our mission 

NARADA LTD is dedicated to delivering cutting-edge solution in embedded systems and close related fields. Our mission is to pioneer technology advancements that address real-world challenges and open new possibilities

Our core Values

The conduct and performance of our company is underpinned by the following six core values:

    • Innovation for social impact
    • Customer-centric
    • Technical expertise and quality excellence
    • Collaboration synergy
    • Agility
    • Confidentiality and Security