SHT20 SHTC3 temperature humidity sensor module probe cable waterproof digital capacity sensors 1M I2C output

SHT20 SHTC3 temperature humidity sensor module probe cable waterproof digital capacity sensors 1M I2C output

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Product Introduction:

The temperature and humidity sensors are compatible with the digital temperature and humidity chip from Sensizio. The sensor outputs calibrated the digital signal, the standard I2C format and accurate measurement; To meet customer’s use in non-PCB welding environment, waterproof design and lead assembly are adopted to facilitate customers’ use.

Functional features:

1, Swiss Sensirion temperature and humidity chip new generation.

2, I2C interface, digital signal output resolution up to 14 bits.

3, full calibration, internal self-calibration.

4, low power consumption, high reliability and excellent long-term stability.

5, The close combination of temperature and humidity is suitable for outdoor measurement.

6, waterproof glue is used to seal the circuit to prevent short circuit in humid environment.

7, cold chain, suitable for power, refrigerator isothermal moisture detection, line length can be customized.

Storage conditions and precautions:

Air relative humidity is a function of temperature, and air temperature has a great influence on relative humidity. Acids, alkalis, salts and other compounds have a great influence on the physical properties of water vapor. Care should be taken when using the following items:

1. The temperature and humidity sensor should be installed in a place where the temperature is relatively stable and can best represent the measured ambient temperature and humidity;

2. Avoid installation in places with drastic temperature changes;

3. Avoid installation in places with heavy air flow;

4. Avoid installation in a dead corner where there is no air flowing;

5. Avoid using salt in fog environment;

6. Avoid use in corrosive gas environment;

7. Sensors exposed to extreme operating conditions or chemical vapor can be restored to their calibration state by the following process: drying: 80°C and humidity 75% RH keep for 12 hours;

8. The temperature and humidity sensor and circuit inside the module were treated with silicone rubber protection, and protected by waterproof and breathable housing, which can extend the service life in high humidity environment. However, it is still necessary to pay attention to avoid sensor overflow or prolonged use under conditions of high humidity and condensation;