Soil moisture temperature moisture EC PH measure NPK 4-20mA 0-5V RS485 Modbus soil sensor

Soil moisture temperature moisture EC PH measure NPK 4-20mA 0-5V RS485 Modbus soil sensor

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RS485 4-20mA soil temperature moisture moisture conductivity EC PH sensor

CWT-SOIL sensor measures soil temperature and humidity, pH, conductivity (EC), compared with original german high-precision sensors and actual calibration, high-precision weight soil drying method, fast response, stable output. With a small soil salt content, it is suitable for any type of soil. Long-term buried in the ground, long-term electrolysis, corrosion resistance, vacuum pot, completely waterproof.

Measuring soil parameters

Measure items



ŸMeasuring range: -40°C-80°C

ŸAccuracy: ± 5°C (25°C)

ŸLong-term stability: ≤ 0.1%°C/Y

ŸResponse time: ≤ 15s


ŸMeasuring range: 0-100%RH

ŸAccuracy: 2-0% within 50%, 3-50% within 100%

ŸLong-term stability: ≤ 1% RH/y

ŸResponse time: ≤ 4s


ŸMeasuring range: 0-20000us/cm

ŸAccuracy: ± 3% (0-10000 us/cm); ± 5% (10000-20000 us/cm)

ŸLong-term stability: ≤ 1% US/cm

ŸResponse time: ≤ 1s


ŸMeasuring range: 3-9 PH

ŸAccuracy: 0.3PH ±

ŸLong-term stability: ≤ 5%/year

ŸResponse time: ≤ 10S




ŸMeasuring range: 1-1999 mg/kg(mg/L)

ŸSolubility:1 kg kg(mg/L)

ŸResponse time:<<>S

Basic parameters

Power supply


Maximum power consumption

0.5W @ 24V DC

Protection class

IP68, long immersion in water use

Cable length

Default 2m (can be customized)

Working environment


General dimensions




Functions and Features
(1) Sensor compact design, easy to carry, installation, operation and maintenance.
(2) reasonable structure design, stainless steel probe life assurance.
(3) Soil is widely used in areas that are less affected by it.
(4) High measurement accuracy, reliable performance, ensure
smooth operation(5) Fast response, high data transmission efficiency.

Water saving can be applied to irrigation, greenhouse vegetables, flowers, garden, grass meadows, soil speed measurement, plant growing, scientific testing area.

Provide a configuration tool

4.3 inch HMI touch screen features:

4.3 inch HMI touch screen, 480*272 resolution

Power: 9-30V DC

Just connect one RS485 ground sensor, work with H-S, TH-S, THC-S, THPH-S, CPH-S, THCPH-S, NPKTHPH-S, NPKPH-S, NPKPHC-S, NPKPHCTH-S, PH-S,

Instrument panel and curve for monitoring the ground sensor

On-screen support kit calibration