Ultrasonic Ranging Distance Detector Sensor Module Waterproof HC-SR04 M126

Ultrasonic Ranging Distance Detector Sensor Module Waterproof HC-SR04 M126

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  • The horizontal distance;
  • Obstacle avoidance, automatic control;
  • Object approaching, there is a perceived
  • Traffic control;
  • Security, industrial control;
  • Artificial intelligence, and research

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Working Voltage : DC 5V Static state Working Current : 5mA Total Working Current:30mA Working Frequency:40KHz Max Range:8m Min Range :25cm Measuring Angle :< 50 degree Working Temperature:-10 to 70C Trigger Input Signal :10uS TTL pulse Wiring: +5V -Power supply positive Trig-RX Echo-TX GND-Power supply negative Application: Working principle (1) using IO port TRIG trigger location, to the high level signal of at least 10us; (2) module automatically sends 8 40KHz pulses, automatically detecting whether a signal return; (3) a signal return, a high level is output through the IO port ECHO, the time duration of the high level is ultrasonic from launch to return. The test distance = (high level time * speed of sound (340M/S)) /2; This module uses the simple method, a control port with a 10µs above high level, can wait for high level output at the receiving port. An output can drive the timer, when this port is low can read the timer value, this time for the location of the time, can be calculated distance. So constantly cycle test, that can achieve the measurement of the value for the distance.